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ARGENTINA | 25-07-2019 11:23

Anaesthesiologist fired for posting selfies with nude patients to WhatsApp

The woman, from Tucumán, was the only anaesthesiologist in the province of Santiago del Estero.

An anaesthesiologist from Tucumán has been fired from two hospitals in the province of Santiago del Estero, after being accused of taking selfies with naked, unconscious patients on the operating table, then sharing the photos with various WhatsApp groups.

The woman’s neighbour, who was reportedly fed up with the situation, reported her to a media outlet. 

The Health Minister of Santiago del Estero, Natividad Nassif, confirmed the firing, but did not reveal the anaesthesiologist’s identity. 

“She was removed from her duties in a quick manner for having committed a grave error,” Nassif said. 

The accused woman reportedly lives in the capital of Tucumán and travelled twice a week to work in two different hospitals: Añatuya and Las Termas de Río Hondo, according to the media outlet La Gaceta

“We are awaiting reports from the hospital where the woman worked,” Nassif said. “Upon learning the information published in the media, we immediately began to add it up and removed her from her duties. We are in the middle of an investigation.” 

Nassif stated that the medical professional had been contracted by the province’s health system to deliver anaesthetic drugs to patients, since the province lacks professionals in this field. 

The neighbour that reported the woman told the press that once she recorded herself speaking beside a woman with hearing problems. When the members of the WhatsApp group asked her to stop sending such images because it was inappropriate, the woman responded “it doesn’t bother her because she’s deaf and dumb, she’s never going to realise what I'm doing.” 

The neighbour added that the other members of the group never posted the images online.

“If that happened, the scandal would have been much worse,” he said.



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