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ARGENTINA | 13-09-2019 16:34

Actresses NGO announces new sexual harassment accusation

Makeup artist and communicator Anahí de la Fuente said she was fired from her job after accusing the former director of the Centro Cultural San Martín of alleged sexual harassment.

The group Actrices Argentinas announced this Thursday a case of sexual and physical abuse at the top cultural center in Buenos Aires. In a statement read by the organisation reiterated their criticism of gender violence. 

“The damage doesn’t end when when you walk away from the person and they touch you and humiliate you,” said Anahí de la Fuente, a makeup artist and social communicator, surrounded in a press conference by female artists, theatre and cinema workers who make up the group's ranks. 

De la Fuente, 28, was fired from her job after alleging her former boss of harassed her. 

The group refused to provide the name of the man, but local press reports state it is the former director of the Centro Cultural General San Martín. 

Actrices Argentinas found massive media coverage in 2018 by supporting actress Thelma Fardín in her rape accussation against telenovela actor Juan Darthés. Fardín said Darthés abused when she was 16 and he was 45. 

The Argentine NGO was created at the height of the “Me Too” movement by North American artists after rape and abuse accusations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. 

“We are 60 feminist and transfeminist organisations from the world of culture, education and human rights communicating an urgent message,” said actress Laura Azcurra, a spokesperson for the group. 

Joining Azcurra was an original leader of the organisation, actress Cecilia Roth, winner of the Spanish Goya Prize for her role in the film “Todo sobre mi madre,” directed by Pedro Almodovar. 

“We are united to give visibility in a massive way to a reality which extends through all academic and work environments: Gender violence and systematic harassment exercised through abuse of power” Azcurra read from the group’s press release. 


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