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ARGENTINA | 30-01-2019 10:04

70,000 left without power after days of intense heat

A wave of blackouts hit the city Monday, and some are still without power, as temperatures soar in the capital.

Rain and falling temperatures brought relief from days of oppressive heat in the capital on Tuesday night, but widespread power outages remained for nearly 70,000 users on Wednesday morning. Thousands more spent the night without electricity, local reports revealed.

Approximately 145,000 were left without power at midnight Tuesday. By 6am this morning that number was down to 83,957, Edenor and Edesur said on their websites.

On Tuesday, Edenor had counted a total of 263,303 affected users, while Edesur said 213,703 customers were left without power.

Company spokeswoman Alejandra Martínez said high temperatures "put the power grid in maximum demand, and that's why service interruptions occur."

Edenor zones reporting outages Tuesday were San Miguel, San Fernando, Moreno, Hurlingham, Tres de Febrero and Tigre. Edesur customers were without power in Recoleta, San Telmo, Flores and Almagro were most affected within the Federal Capital.

Some parts of the city, like Boedo, have been without light for 48 hours. The neighborhood hasn't had service since Monday morning.

"They brought a generator yesterday [Tuesday] but could not connect it. They told us they're aware of the problem and will be restoring light in stages," an affected Boedo resident told La Red radio.

Just last week, more than 250,000 users in Buenos Aires City and its surrounding suburbs were left without power as a huge power-cut hit the capital Tuesday, also induced by intense heat.


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