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ARGENTINA | 22-04-2020 17:55

52% of Covid-19 infections recorded in Buenos Aires City and Province

Region had registered to 103 of 142 deaths, or 72.5% of fatalities, as of Monday. Data indicates just how much Greater Buenos Aires has been affected by the pandemic.

More than half the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Argentina, as of this Monday, were concentrated in Buenos Aires City and Province, Health Ministry data has revealed.

The findings come from a tally taken Monday, April 20, when there were 3,031 positive cases in Argentina and 142 fatalities. Of the total number of infected, 52 percent were recorded in Buenos Aires Province and the federal capital. A total of 103 deaths were recorded in the same regions, working out to 72.5 percent of all fatalities.

The data indicates just how much Greater Buenos Aires has been affected by the pandemic, though the region is the most populated area of the country.

Of the total number of infected, authorities say 863 (28.5 percent) are "imported" (i.e. introduced from overseas), while 1,293 (42.7 percent) are a result of individuals coming into close contact with those carrying the infection. Nineteen percent, 567 in total, are a result of community ciruclation, while the remainder are still under investigation.

Buenos Aires Province has recorded the greatest number of infections with 915, followed by Buenos Aires City with 728. Those regions are followed by the provinces of Córdoba (260), Chaco (258) and Santa Fe (224). Only two provinces are yet to record a case – Formosa and Catamarca.

Digging down into the figures for Buenos Aires Province, the most-populated area in the country, the majority are centred in the Conurbano. In total, 58 municipalities are yet to register an infection, with San Martín (62), Vicente López (56) and Pilar (51) recording the highest amount. 




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