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ARGENTINA | 15-01-2018 13:39

21,000 hectares burning in Rio Negro province after thunderstorm

High temperatures and strong winds caused the fire’s rapid expansion across towns near the border with Buenos Aires province.

Over 21,000 hectares of land caught fire in Río Negro province over the weekend after a thunderstorm struck parts of the region’s farming land.

“The most significantly affected area is Guardia Mitre where the fire took hold of 15,000 hectares”, the head of the province’s Civil Defence Unit, Adrian Iribarren, told state-run news agency Télam. 

“While the satellite images are still not available, the affected area would measure around 21,120 hectares”, he added.

The fire began near Guardia Mitre and General Conesa, close to the province's border with Buenos Aires province, after a thunderstorm on Friday evening. Authorities pointed to the high temperatures and strong winds as the cause of the fire’s rapid expansion.

There have so far been no reported injuries though farmers do expect the blaze to have affected livestock.


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