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ARGENTINA | 15-04-2020 00:59

166 new cases of Covid-19 confirmed, as death toll rises above 100

Total number of fatalities from virus now stands at 105, with more than 2,000

More than 100 people have now died from Covid-19 in Argentina, with close to 2,500 confirmed cases registered in the country.

With Argentina under a nationwide lockdown until close to the end of the month, the number of infections is continuing to rise. A total of 166 new cases were confirmed on Tuesday evening, lifting the number of people infected with the virus in the country to 2,443. 

A total of 105 fatalities from the pandemic have now been recorded, with a Health Ministry report detailing four new deaths, two men (aged 76, Buenos Aires City; 81, Buenos Aires Province) and two women (78, Córdoba; 91, Buenos Aires Province.

Officials said Tuesday that 66 new cases had been confirmed in Buenos Aires Province, with the country's most-populous region now having the highest tally nationwide, with a total of 667 confirmed infections. Buenos Aires City recorded 22, with Chaco Province registering 31.

Argentina is counting 11 confirmed infections on the Malvinas (Falkland) Islands within its numbers, as it considers the British overseas territory to be its own.

Of all the cases registered until this Tuesday, 833 (34.3 percent) are imported, the Health Ministry said, while 857 (35.2 percent) are a result of close contact with confirmed cases. A total of 393 (15.2 percent) are cases of community circulation and the rest are under investigation.


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