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Government reclassifies El Palomar as an international airport

Resolution published in the Official Gazette confirms decision, taken in wake of 'requests from air operators,' which will open up small airport to international carriers.

Tuesday 13 November, 2018
FlyBondi passengers queue to board a flight departing El Palomar Airport in Greater Buenos Aires.
FlyBondi passengers queue to board a flight departing El Palomar Airport in Greater Buenos Aires. Foto:FlyBondi

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The government has reclassified the El Palomar air terminal as an "international airport," responding to requests from aviation firms.

The decision was confirmed via a resolution from the National and Civil Aviation Administration (ANAC), issued today in the Official Gazette. The text said the move came as a result of "requests made by air operators."

The move will "enable the El Palomar Public Aerodrome, located in the city ​​of El Palomar, in the Morón district of Buenos Aires province, as an international airport for the operation of aircraft from or destined for foreign countries," according to the official text.

ANAC said operators had "requested the operation of regular international services for the air transportation of passengers, cargo and mail on the routes coming from or destined for" that terminal. 

El Palomar, formerly a military airport, is one of a number of smaller sites that have become available to private operators in the wake of the Mauricio Macri administration's move to liberalise regulations on air travel and tourism.

Currently, low-cost operators Flybondi and LADE airlines operate flights from the airport.




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