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Friday 15 December, 2017
Clashes outside and in Congress
Clashes outside and in Congress Foto:Cedoc

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Thursday's clashes – both inside and outside Congress – have stolen the headlines this week and in this week's edition of the Buenos Aires Times, Argentina's only English-language print newspaper, we'll be focusing on the week's main theme.

Francisco Aldaya will take us over the story and the events of the last few days, focusing in on the legislative battles and bid to reform the pension and retirement system in an in-depth piece. We'll also take a look at the violence between police and protesters, with the violence on the streets gaining much of the Argentine media's column inches on Friday and dominating the agenda.

Elsewhere, we'll take a look at the first-ever World Trade Organisation Ministerial Meeting in South America, which took place in the nation's capital this week and wrap up the biggest economic and local news stories of the week. Michael Soltys also tackles the WTO summit in his weekly Economic Questions column.

Then we'll draw our gaze toward three huge stories in Latin America. In Chile on Sunday, voters will go to the polls to select their new president, with the candidates down to two - former president Sebastián Piñera was once seen as the favourite, but the conservative billionaire is facing a strong challenge from senator and journalist Alejandro Guillier. We'll also take a trip to Rio de Janeiro, where homeless numbers are soaring as a result of the economic downturn. With tension rising on the streets and reports of attacks on those living rough, the problem is far from being solved. Finally, we will look at under-fire Peru President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski who defied calls for him to resign this week amid corruption allegations. Will PPK survive? Or will impeachment proceedings be opened against him in the coming days?

In Culture, we'll celebrate the arrival of the latest Star Wars film, The Last Jedi, tackling the hype, its length and whether its any good. Dan Edwards, meanwhile, grits his teeth to write a lovely celebratory profile of Ariel Horan, the former field hockey coach who led Independiente football team to Copa Sudamericana glory this week against Flamengo.

Finally, Agustino Fontevecchia, Andrew Graham-Yooll and James Neilson give us their unique insights into Argentine life and history. It's another packed edition of the Buenos Aires Times and one we're sure you won't want to miss.

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