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Gov't gives official green light to anti-G20 protests

The main anti-G20 protest march will take place Friday from 3pm along 9 de Julio Avenue from San Juan street, then along De Mayo Avenue to Congress.

Thursday 29 November, 2018
Protesters gather in downtown Buenos Aires (file).
Protesters gather in downtown Buenos Aires (file). Foto:Noticias Argentinas

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The Mauricio Macri government on Wednesday officially authorised the main anti-G20 demonstrations, after rumours the event would not go ahead.

In a latter addressed to Nobel Peace Price winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Security Minister Cabinet Chief Gerardo Milman confirmed that "on the instructions of Security Minister Patricia Bullrich and given the need for dialogue among Argentines which President Macri has proposed, authorisation has been given on your request for the demonstration (against the G2O to go ahead)".

The march will take place from 3pm Friday along 9 de Julio Avenue from San Juan street, then along De Mayo Avenue to Congress.

"I believe that this way we are all playing our part in peace and democratic tolerance," Millman wrote.

The government has called on organisers to ensure no protesters attend the march wearing face masks and that violent people be isolated.

"All signs of a peaceful protest, with no face masks or items which could cause violence, as well as the isolation of those violent individuals or groups seeking this (violence), is welcome in efforts to create a climate of plural and democratic expression", Milman added.

He warned security forces would "act immediately in accordance with the Constitution and the Law" to control violent protesters where necessary.




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