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Anti-abortion stalwart, Senator Silvia Elías de Peréz, eyes Tucumán's governorship

Senator was one of the most prominent conservative voices in the ruling Cambiemos coalition to campaign against the decriminalisation of abortion during last year's fiery debate.

Wednesday 13 March, 2019
Silvia Elíaz de Pérez.
Silvia Elíaz de Pérez. Foto:@SILVIAEDEPEREZ

With the Pink House's green light, Senator Silvia Elías de Peréz will officially run for the governorship of Tucumán province in Argentina's north.

Polling commissioned by the ruling Cambiemos (Let's Change) coalition favoured the senator, who topped a list of five potential candidates.

"I have the will to be the first female governor of Tucumán, to change this province's history for ever, who bring all the true values we have as tucumanos, to leave behind this corrupt system which for the last 20 years has let us down. I have my heart in this struggle," she told reporters.

"Here, there's no electoral favouritism, rather a collective will to see Tucumán get back on its feet. We have decides who will represents Tucumán and our coalition. The important thing to remember is that the people of Tucumán are key players, nobody is above anybody else", she added.

Elías de Pérez is a stalwart of the movement against the decriminalisation of abortion. She was particularly active during last year's debate, which saw legislation pass the Lower House but fail in the Senate.

Her potential running mate is still being debated but one option is José Cano, a Radical party lawmaker who was charged with the carrying out President Mauricio Macri's reform plan for northern Argentina, known as the Belgrano Plan.

Beatriz Ávila is another option. She is the wife of San Miguel de Tucumán's Mayor Germán Alfaro. If Ávila runs for the vice-governorship, it will be only the second time after Río Negro that a province has seen as entirely female ticket.

In terms of the race for Tucumán's national Congressional seats, Domingo Amaya is being touted as the lead candidate for Cambiemos.

Cambiemos chances in Tucumán are heightened given the split between two major Peronist leaders in the far northern provicne: current Governor Juan Manzur and former Governor José Alperovich.


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