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ARGENTINA | 06-06-2019 17:52

Alberto Fernández leaves hospital after three days of tests

"I'm very well, I'm going home to work," says presidential hopeful, who is standing for election on a Kirchnerite ticket.

Presidential hopeful Alberto Fernández was released from hospital today, three days after he went to hospital for a series of tests.

"I'm very well, I'm going home to work," said Fernandez, 60, who is standing for election on a Kirchnerite ticket, with the ex-president as a vice-presidential candidate.

ernández, who heads a ticket for the October elections seconded by Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, had been suffering from a persistent cough and chest pain for a few weeks. the former president shocked the nation a few weeks ago, when she announced she would run for vice-president rather than the top job, choosing her former Cabinet chief as her running-mate.

Brushing off concerns he would be unfit for the campaign, the former Cabinet chief told reporters outside the Otamendi hospital that he was focused only on Argentina. He said he had gone in for tests after discussions with his doctor and said he wanted to make sure he was in top shape ahead of what looks set to be a bruising presidential campaign

."I spoke with Cristina about what is happening in Argentina, the last thing we talk about is my health," she said.

Fernández, who does not smoke, suffered a serious lung condition around 11 years ago.

The presidential hopeful also discussed how he and Fernández de Kirchner were attempting to broaden their opposition front in order to defeat President Mauricio Macri, who is seeking re-election in October.

"What I most want is for [Sergio] Massa to join our front," Fernández said, referring to the Renewal Front leader who is being sought out by both sides.

Both Massa and Fernández served as Cabinet chiefs under Fernández de Kirchner's administration. Both, however, resigned because of differences with the then-president and they were both severely critical of her government in the aftermath.


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