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  1. 1Argentina's debt market pummelled as election stokes default fearsArgentina's debt market pummelled as election stokes default fears
  2. 2OECD: Argentina's economy will shrink in 2019, but less than expected
  3. 3Police investigating death of media personality Natacha Jaitt
  4. 4Citigroup: 'Be brave' amid volatility and buy Argentine stocks
  5. 5Government's price-cap scheme faces delays, with some products unavailable
  6. 6Bloomberg: Argentina's debt hasn't looked this bad since 2014
  7. 7Political FOMO
  8. 8Dollar jumps close to 45 pesos, country risk soars above 900 points
  9. 9Leandro Báez testifies, provides rare insight into father Lázaro Báez's dealings with Kirchners
  10. 10Inflation in March reached 4.7%, reports INDEC