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  1. 1Argentina’s goddess of strifeArgentina’s goddess of strife
  2. 2Diplomatic efforts on Venezuela crisis gain momentum
  3. 3Cristina Fernández de Kirchner: I'll run for VP, not for the presidency
  4. 4Argentina's Central Bank hikes key rate to 40% to support peso
  5. 5Copa Superliga bursts into life as semi-final nears
  6. 6Argentines seek refuge in Chilean bonds amid electoral fears
  7. 7CFK corruption trial will go ahead on Tuesday, Supreme Court confirms
  8. 8First presidential debate of 2019 election to be held in Santa Fe
  9. 9Maradona set to takeover Cannes as new documentary premieres
  10. 10Macri bets on infrastructure in push for re-election