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Dujovne: Evasion in the times of Macri

The Macri administration risks losing credibility in its fight against inflation and corruption. Dujovne, for example, has 76 percent of his capital abroad, despite claiming he “really truly believes in this process,” referring to the aggressive reforms being pursued by this administration.

Yesterday 11:39 AM

Super Caputo

"This time is different"

The rich businessman is the central node in Macri’s vision of the productive economy, generating jobs and growth by pursuing profit-making opportunities, progressively replacing the bloated state. And, if in order to achieve this goal one must relay on methods that stand at the boundaries of ethics, so be it.

Saturday 7 April, 2018


The man on the Right has a job on the Left

If you were to argue before an audience that some major political changes of the 20th century had come from the Right, you might have to leave the room in haste under a barrage of unfriendly remarks from the leftist representation.

Saturday 24 March, 2018


Theories of everything

When Stephen Hawking has just died in Cambridge on Albert Einstein’s birthday, Trump should be reminded that we live in an expanding universe which should apply to economic theory too – he threatens to take it back to the days of mercantilism.

Saturday 17 March, 2018