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Pope clears way for beatification of slain Argentine bishop

A miracle linked to the slain bishop would be needed for canonisation.

Today 10:53 AM
Enrique Angelelli
Enrique Angelelli Foto:Archive

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Pope Francis has cleared the way for the beatification of an Argentine bishop who was assassinated during the country’s military dictatorship in 1976.

The Vatican on Saturday announced that Enrique Angelelli was being recognised as a martyr killed for his faith. The status allows Angelelli to be beatified — the first step toward sainthood — without having a miracle attributed to his intercession.

A miracle still would be needed for canonisation.

The move comes after the Vatican said last month it would elevate another martyred prelate to sainthood, Archbishop Oscar Romero of El Salvador, whose recognition as a martyr opened the pathway to sainthood for other slain Latin American bishops.

Romero, who was gunned down while saying Mass, will be canonised on October 14.




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