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latin america Israeli leader visits nation seeking to bolster ties

Netanyahu makes first visit to Argentina by Israeli PM

Latin American tour before heading to UN for General Assembly.

Monday 11 September, 2017
Netanyahu talks with Michetti during the tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassy.
Netanyahu talks with Michetti during the tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack on the Israeli Embassy. Foto:DyN.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Argentina Monday on a visit seeking to strengthen ties with the country that has Latin America's largest Jewish community.

Netanyahu arrived Monday, marking the first visit by an Israeli leader since the creation of the Israeli state in 1948. He is also scheduled to visit Colombia and Mexico before going to New York, where he will address the UN General Assembly on Sept. 26.

Netanyahu was due to meet with President Mauricio Macri on Tuesday and press for answers on two unsolved terror attacks in Argentina. Israel and Argentina have long accused Iran of being behind the 1990s bombings in Buenos Aires that killed 29 people at the Israeli Embassy and 85 people at the AMIA Jewish community centre.

"This trip marks a new era in relations between Israel and Latin America," Netanyahu told reporters travelling on his plane en route to Buenos Aires. He said the change is a product of Israel's changing status in the world and its security, technological and cyber power.

Netanyahu is due to host an event tonight with representatives of the local Jewish community, said to be around 200,000-strong.

On Tuesday the Israeli prime minister is due to hold meetings with President Macri and Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes, who will travel to Buenos Aires for the meeting. Netanyahu will make a brief stop in Colombia on Wednesday, before carrying onto Mexico.



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