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PRO Party summit urges 'optimism' as 2019 election campaign looms

Top party officials urged members to “go out to participate in political debates” and to “fight” the opposition for airtime.

Tuesday 19 June, 2018
Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña.
Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña. Foto:Noticias Argentinas

The PRO Party’s national council met in Buenos Aires on Monday to rally members and officials around a message of “optimism” ahead of the 2019 election campaign, which is expected to begin unofficially as the World Cup wraps up next month in Russia.

The summit of Mauricio Macri’s political party was focussed on “transmitting optimism amid the economic turbulence” the country is currently experiencing.

Other messages repeated by top PRO officials were that members should “go out to participate in political debates” and to “fight” the opposition for airtime, sources told state-run news agency Télam.

“It’s always best to tell the truth”, Cabinet Chief Marcos Peña said, urging members to continue working toward “representing an identity of change” for the country with the conviction that “all this turbulence we’re expiring is going to make us stronger”.

For her part, Buenos Aires Province Governor María Eugenia Vidal said “today more than ever governance can be summarised in two words: being and doing”.


With the World Cup captivating Argentines’ attention, the government is taking a breather from the intense scrutiny it has felt following months of self-titled economic “turbulence”, which has included the steep devaluation of the national currency and a US$50 billion line of credit with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“We have made the right decision like the line of financing with the IMF, ensuring that we will not need to turn to markets to finance our programme to reduce the deficit”, the PRO Party’s president Senator Humberto Schiavoni said.

The summit comes after three major changes in Mauricio Macri’s Cabinet: Luis Caputo, shifted from Finance to the leadership of the Central Bank; Juan José Aranguren’s nudged from the Energy and Mining Ministry; and Francisco “Pancho” Cabrera’s dismissed from Production.




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