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Moyano: 'Any violence at march is gov't provocation'

Hugo Moyano will today lead a protest on downtown Buenos Aires after a complex few weeks in which many of his colleagues in the union movement distanced themselves from the historic union boss.

Wednesday 21 February, 2018
Union leader Hugo Moyano.
Union leader Hugo Moyano. Foto:Screenshot

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The Teamsters’ union will today lead a protest march on downtown Buenos Aires to decry attempts by President Maurcio Macri's government to implement labour reform. 

Speakers at the event are also expected to touch on the ongoing wave of layoffs in the public and private sectors as well as recent “cuts” to pensions.

“I’ve been to a lot of marches and there have never been incidents [of violence] unless the government has provoked it”, historic union boss Hugo Moyano told CNN en Español’s Jonaton Viale on Tuesday.

“The government does this through its [intelligence] services to provoke and undermine protests”, he added.

Buenos Aires City’s Security Secretary Marcelo D’Alessandro said union leaders would have to take “responsibility” for any incidents at the march. The police will respond to “violent people”, D’Alessandro told Continental radio.


Moyano will lead the protest after a complex few weeks in which many of his colleagues in the union movement distanced themselves from the historic union boss.

Some say Moyano is using the march to flex his own muscles amid a series of new corruption allegations against him and his son Pablo, the current leader of the Teamsters’ union. 

The Macri administration has sought to limit the power of the nation’s influential unions in the country’s transport and logistics sectors. Moyano claims unions are being "persecuted."

Other union groups participating in the protest today are: Hugo Yasky and Pablo Micheli’s confederation of unions, the CTA (aligned to Cristina Kirchner); teachers unions CTERA, and Suteba led by Roberto Baradel; the ATE public workers union; and Corriente Federal’s Bankers and the private school teachers union SADOP.

Civic, political and human rights groups will also participate. These are: the CTEP, Corriente Clasista y Combativa; Barrios de Pie; Citizens United (the political movement led by Cristina Kirchner) and La Cámpora (the youth movement led by Máximo Kirchner); and left-wing groups including FIT and the group of Mothers of Plaza de Mayo led by Hebe de Bonafini.   

The gathering will begin at 12.30 at the intersection of Belgrano and 9 de Julio avenues.




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