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Five men arrested, charged on suspicion of raping 14-year-old

Five men aged 21 to 23 were arrested and charged in the coastal city of Miramar for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl at a camping complex on New Year's Eve.

Wednesday 2 January, 2019
The El Durazno camping complex in Miramar, on Argentina's Atlantic Coast.
The El Durazno camping complex in Miramar, on Argentina's Atlantic Coast. Foto:Google

A 14-year-old girl was raped on New Year's Eve at a camping complex in the coastal city of Miramar, police reported.

Five men aged between 21 and 23 were arrested on Tuesday on charges of rape. They will face a judge today, Wednesday morning, the La Capital newspaper reported.

The teenage girl was staying with her family at the El Durazno camping complex one kilometre from Miramar's Route 11 when the attack happened.

The men have been identified as Lucas Pitman (21), Emanuel Díaz (23), Tomás Jaime (23), Roberto Costa (21) and Juan Cruz Villalba (23), all of whom are from Mar del Plata, the Atlantic Coast's largest city.

The girl's parents found her intoxicated in a tent in a distant section of the camping ground, according to the criminal complaint they lodged with the Women's Office of General Alvarado Police Station. They found her surrounded by her alleged perpetrators, the report detailed.


Argentina's is undergoing some deep soul-searching after a wave of high-profile cases of sexual abuse against women and girls.

The most recent involves allegations against television star Juan Darthés over the alleged rape of a 16-year-old co-star during the production of a children's television programme in 2009.

The case prompted President Mauricio Macri and other government officials to speak out against gender-based violence.

“Our commitment is to work toward eradicating all forms of violence against women,” President Mauricio Macri said in a Twitter post in which he confirmed the government would discontinue a public awareness campaign on the issue that features Juan Darthés.

“In respect of the complaint made by Thelma Fardín against Juan Darthés we have decided to drop the advertising campaign about violence against women which the accused took part in,” he added.




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