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Biometric monitoring of police officers introduced in Buenos Aires Province

Officers of the Buenos Aires Province police force will now be required to use their fingerprints to log their entry to and departure from work.

Sunday 21 April, 2019
Buenos Aires Security Minister Cristian Ritondo.
Buenos Aires Security Minister Cristian Ritondo. Foto:@cristianritondo

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Officers of Buenos Aires province's police force will now be required to use their fingerprints to log their entry to and departure from work.

The province's Security Ministry confirmed the roll-out of the new system on Friday. Eleven central police stations will begin implementing  the technology this week, the Ministry reported.

The use of finger prints will monitor the arrival and departure of officers to their places of work to compliment a series of existing digitisation measures. The system will affect a total 94,000 officers, Security Minister Cristian Ritondo confirmed.

The technology, known as "DigitScan Web," will be rolled out gradually he added, with the process starting at 200 stations, mainly across La Plata and Greater Buenos Aires.

The stations involved are: San Martín, Quilmes, La Plata, La Matanza, Almirante Brown, Lanús, and the Northern Department, which controls stations in Vicente López, San Isidro, San Fernando and Tigre. Further afield, the stations of Pilar, Junín, Trenque Lauquen and Zárate-Campana will also begin implementing the technology.

In its second stage, the program will extend to Mercedes, 25 de Mayo, Pergamino, San Nicolás, Coronel Suárez, Guaminí, Pehuajó, Azul and Tres Arroyos.



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